Monday, February 29, 2016


CLUTCH BAG (RECYCLED FATHER'S SHIRT)- Because i like crochet and sew, Now I will share my project few months ago. Yey, i glad, i can finish clutch bag for hang out with my friends. I wear it to wedding party, because is simple with plaid, though slighty no match. Its no problem. Xixixi....

Plaids indeed timeless. In the world of fashion, gingham always be trend overtime. But there was no harm in making a clucth with gingham.

Plaid is suitable for use anywhere. In addition to his colorful festive. Gingham too impressed friendly, but still classy.

I design this bag for my self. If you like, you an make it in the home. Do it youself. No much money. In this procjet i only spend Rp 3000. :)

I sew with my old sewing machine. a little story, a sewing machine is my mother owned. First my mhother could sew, but now she can't because hyperopia. So I continue it. I like sew because my mother. I call my mother as "umi" (Arabic). Love you umi. :)

If you do Clutch Bag. You can do it. I have a pattren. I hope you happy and try out!!